Let’s COOK, mummy!!! Can I mix it, mummy?? I hear that a lot. This child loves kitchen.

Ben is 2.5 years now and as far as I can remember he always loved cooking more then messing around with toys.

My name is Ann and I work as a London newborn photographer.  Clients say  - “Oh, you must have a lot of  lovely pictures of your son!” Erm.. no :)

Well I do have a lot when he was a baby, and I was on maternity leave. It was easy to “locate” him in one place and take a shot. But now keeping him still is almost impossible, and I don’t really want to as it wouldn’t be who he is!

So Instagram has become a great tool to capture day-to-day life, but still I didn’t have any proper  quality images of him growing up.

DSLR is way too bulky to carry around, so where can I use it without being frustrated and where I don’t have to run around after my toddler?

Oh yes. The KITCHEN. Love Ben’s concentrated serious face when he “cooks”.

I hope  that setting up a blog will keep me motivated to carry on taking pictures of my little one, that’s the main goal.

It’s not another super-duper healthy organic-shmanik  food blog. Although I love healthy food! And we don’t have a microwave:) I broke it, uh-oh. So, yeah. We’ll be cooking, trying new recipes together and I’ll be posting all this mess here.

I would LOVE if you can share any recipes that you cook with your toddlers, feel free to comment or email me at ann@annwo.com



Here’s the FIRST POST


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