Madeira Hearts with Cream and Strawberries

So I’ve been veeeery busy with my newborn photography and it has been so hot, we haven’t really cooked much! I bought Ben a piping bag so he can have some “squeezy” fun and we made this super quick dessert.

strawberry hearts cooking with toddler

Ingredients all bought in M&S

Madeira Cake

Ready Whipped Cream


Icing sugar – 2-3 table spoons


So we just mixed together cream, mascarpone and icing sugar in a mixer.

Cut madeira cake into slices and used cookie cutter to make hearts.

Then Ben had a lot of fun piping the cream onto hearts and decorating them with strawberries.


cook-with-toddler01 cook-with-toddler02 cook-with-toddler03 cook-with-toddler04 cook-with-toddler05 cook-with-toddler06 cook-with-toddler07 cook-with-toddler08 cook-with-toddler09 cook-with-toddler10 cook-with-toddler11 cook-with-toddler12 cook-with-toddler13 cook-with-toddler14 cook-with-toddler15 cook-with-toddler16 cook-with-toddler17 cook-with-toddler18 cook-with-toddler19

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