Madeira Hearts with Cream and Strawberries

So I’ve been veeeery busy with my newborn photography and it has been so hot, we haven’t really cooked much! I bought Ben a piping bag so he can have some “squeezy” fun and we made this super quick dessert.

strawberry hearts cooking with toddler

Ingredients all bought in M&S

Madeira Cake

Ready Whipped Cream


Icing sugar – 2-3 table spoons


So we just mixed together cream, mascarpone and icing sugar in a mixer.

Cut madeira cake into slices and used cookie cutter to make hearts.

Then Ben had a lot of fun piping the cream onto hearts and decorating them with strawberries.


cook-with-toddler01 cook-with-toddler02 cook-with-toddler03 cook-with-toddler04 cook-with-toddler05 cook-with-toddler06 cook-with-toddler07 cook-with-toddler08 cook-with-toddler09 cook-with-toddler10 cook-with-toddler11 cook-with-toddler12 cook-with-toddler13 cook-with-toddler14 cook-with-toddler15 cook-with-toddler16 cook-with-toddler17 cook-with-toddler18 cook-with-toddler19

Tomato Burgers

Well, they are not burgers, just stuffed tomatoes. But Ben insists on calling them “tomato burgers”.

ann wo cooking blog

This is not an actual recipe – we were just improvising:)


Beef mince

Two eggs


Cooked kidney beans



Onion, garlic, thyme, chili flakes, soy sauce, cheese pieces

ann wo cooking blog son ben london

Mix eggs, breadcrumbs, kidney beans, chilli flakes, chopped garlic and thyme

ann wo cooking with toddler_MG_4399e _MG_4400e _MG_4405e _MG_4410e _MG_4412e

Add soy sauce

_MG_4413e _MG_4415e add soy sauce

Add mince

add mince

Ben had a bit of a struggle trying to fit it all in:)

_MG_4419e _MG_4421e

So decided to move the mixture to a bigger bowl

_MG_4426e _MG_4431e _MG_4444e

Add chopped spinach_MG_4448e

add spinach

Add chopped onion_MG_4461e _MG_4462e

Mix it all together

_MG_4469e _MG_4473e _MG_4475e _MG_4476e _MG_4477e _MG_4480e _MG_4481e

Scoop the tomato flesh out  and stuff them with the mixture. We didn’t have enough tomatoes, so we also made little “boats” using chinese leafs.


Brush the tray with butter, preheat the oven to 180C

_MG_4486e _MG_4492e _MG_4493e _MG_4495e _MG_4496e _MG_4497e _MG_4498e _MG_4499e _MG_4502e _MG_4506e _MG_4507e _MG_4509e _MG_4510e

Don’t forget to add cheese!

_MG_4513e _MG_4515e _MG_4518e _MG_4517e _MG_4520e

Bake for about half an hour or until cooked through. We’ve also boiled some new potatoes and add some fresh cucumbers.


_MG_4523e _MG_4526e

happy laughing toddler