Strawberry Cake

Strawberries are DELICIOUS now! Let’s bake a yummy cake! Very easy to make.




FOR 2 SPONGES (8″ round cake tin)

250g butter

250g sugar

vanilla essence or paste or seeds of half a pod

250 self-raising flour


300g Philadelphia

4 tb sp icing sugar

600 ml whipping cream

700 g fresh strawberries

strawberry cake cooked toddler


Beat butter and sugar

strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-2 strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-3

Then add eggs – one by one


Add vanilla

add vanilla


Fold in the flour

strawberry cake made by ben strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-7 strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-8 strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-9 strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-10 strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-11 strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-12


Line cake tins and divide the mixture between them. Put in the oven preheated to 200C  for 20 min.

strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-13 strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-14


Make the filling in the meantime

Beat Philadelphia with icing sugar, then add whipping cream and mix well until thick. Chill.

strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-15 strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-16 strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-17

Sandwich cold sponges together with filling and strawberries inside and on top.

strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-18 strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-19 strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-20 strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-21 strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-22 strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-23 strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-24 strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-25 strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-26 strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-27 strawberry-cake-ann-wo-ben-28



strawberry cake


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